Juin Shieh’s work often features exquisite motives blending with rich intertextuality, as well as un-tied reason and spontaneous brushworks as evidenced in Abstract Expressionism. Shieh brings further concrete images yet not fix in definition, similar to the revival of concrete but defacing figuration in works by Francis Bacon. As the latter concerned more on human existential solitude, Shieh seems not to abandon the belief of genuine human relations, despite the burdens of complex secular relationships could often be heavy.


Born 1961 in Taiwan, Juin Shieh obtained her B.F.A. from National Taiwan Normal University in 1984, and later received the M.F.A. degree from Pratt Institute, New York in 1989, followed by a Doctor of Arts from New York University in 1995. She currently lives in Hsinchu and is also a Professor at the Department of Arts and Design, National Tsing Hua University.  Her works are in the collections of White Rabbit Gallery (Sydney), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of History (Taipei).