Syaiful GARIBALDI Indonesia, b. 1985

Syaiful Garibaldi (b.1985 Indonesia, Jakarta), or Tepu, as he is fondly known amongst friends, started as a student of the agricultural department in the university, only to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in printmaking from ITB. This exposure to two varied disciplines would henceforth inform his art practice - an artistic expression that is cross-disciplinary, where art and science meets. Art and Science collide methodologically in which, as a self professed mycology enthusiast, Tepu observes the chosen organism through the lens of a microscope and then transposes the vision onto the media he chooses, be it paper, canvas or on video. The initial preparation for a composition is akin to the process in a laboratory when he would pick the ‘subject’ - a fungus or a decomposer, place it on a petri dish and prepare the dish with corresponding substrate that would nourish the subject observed. Under the lens, the composition of the cell is magnified and presents its intricacy with dazzling details.