Christopher TAYLOR United Kingdom, b. 1958

Christopher Taylor grew up in Skegness, a seaside resort on the east coast of England. While at high school in the 1970’s, a summer job photographing tourists on the seafront provided the stimulus to teach himself darkroom and picture taking techniques, and to set about exploring the possibilities of the medium. 

Moving to London in 1984, he began to exhibit an early series of cityscapes, then travelled for two years with his wife Álfheiður and an old Rolleiflex in Asia, mainly in China and India. The experience led to an enduring fascination for the cultural heritage of these two diverse countries, to which he regularly returns for photographic projects, exhibitions or publications. 


He married Álfheiður in 1983 during a visit to her homeland of Iceland, where they spend time most years visiting family. Inspired by the novels of Iceland’s Nobel laureate, Haldor Laxness, and Álfheiður’s close relatives, he has completed three photographic series in Iceland. The most recent, « Steinholt » (2011 – 2016), has been the subject of exhibitions at venues including; galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, and the National Museum of Iceland. 

Since 1992, he has lived near Montpellier in southern France.