Chaos: Rao FU, JHONG Jiang-Ze, TANG Jo-Hung


Dimensions: 22.1(H) x 16.8 (W) 公分

Pages: 80

2018, when today's era of information explosion is gradually blurring the boundaries between countries, where the legacy of history and the imagination of the future are somehow integrated into one, it is a time when signs and symbols are flooding over the vast stream of artworks being created every minute. People are misappropriating them so easily and always abandoning them without giving it much thought. In this era of seeming freedom, all kinds of order, customs and institutions are like invisible silk threads, tucking on people who are involuntarily being manipulated like a puppet playing an indefinable drama in the theater of life. The three artists in Chaos—Rao Fu, Jhong Jiang-Ze, and Tang Jo-Hung—use paintings to depict the absurdity and grotesque of sentient beings caught in this unfathomable chaos.

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