Serendipity by Lee Ming-tse

Lee Ming-tse, 2020.8

Publisher: 安卓藝術

ISBN: 978-986-98820-1-9

Dimensions: 19 x 26 cm

Pages: 120

This book records “Serendipity”, the first-ever solo exhibition of Lee Ming-tse with Mind Set Art Center, one of the most important senior artists in Taiwan. These “treasures” not only carry traces of a bygone era, they allow Lee to project his memories and love for objects. Furthermore, Lee implicitly expresses his life philosophy in the process of turning waste into treasure. Lee has created a series of artworks by forming paper pulp around different objects. In the process of collecting, planning and transforming the objects, Lee expresses his care for humanity and society. His attention and care not only breathes new life into the objects that have long lost their luster, the creative process also allows him to continue to explore the story of “Dandy”, his trademark character, in the martial arts world known as Jianghu.

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