Utopia-Asian Contemporary Art Group Exhibition


Publisher: 安卓藝術.

Dimensions: 21.5 x 29.5 cm

In cooperation with numerous collectors, artists and galleries, “Utopia - Asian Contemporary Art Group Exhibition” is the first public exhibition of our collection consulting managed by Mind Set Art Consulting Co., Ltd. (MSAC). More than half works in this Asian contemporary art exhibition are gradually purchased by MSAC for our collectors ever since its establishment; others are provided by our cooperated galleries or newly recommended artists. Based in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, artists in this exhibition have presented works of various categories, including paintings, drawings, mixed media and conceptual arts. The theme of “utopia” emphasizes on our insistence upon a perfect value, and the goal of building up an ideal art world by MSAC together with all artists, collectors and galleries. Despite the fact that the word “utopia” usually refers to an ideal impossible to be realized, however, through artists’ constant quest for perfection, as well as collectors’ sharing and accumulation, we are actually constructing an ideal paradise in the art world step by step.


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