ReVision—MSAC 5th Anniversary Special Presentation

Publisher: Mind Set Art Center

Dimensions: 29.7 x 21 cm

Pages: 112

ReVision—5th Anniversary Special Presentation 1 & 2 exhibits brilliant works of twenty international and Taiwanese artists in two presentations that span the time of two and a half months. The exhibiting works are mainly from artists represented by or have been in long-term collaboration with MSAC. A part of the works also comes from different collectors’ collections, which displays the fruitful results of MSAC’s professional art consulting since its establishment. If the 2010 exhibition, Utopia-Asian Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, proposed MSAC’s regional perspective based on Asian contemporary art at the commencement of the gallery, ReVision further reveals our artistic vision after MSAC has transcended the cultural boundary between the East and the West together with artists and collectors. In addition to paintings, the twenty artists in this 5th anniversary special presentation also present a diverse body of work, including photos, sculptures, installations, works on paper, and mixed media etc.

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