MSAC 4th Anniversary Special Presentation : The Namesless Hundred Victor Balanon / Figure Babel Patricia Eustaquio

Victor Balanon / Patricia Eustaquio, 2015.2
Publisher: Mind Set Art Center

Since Shi Jin Song’s Pavilion Garden (2012) launched at the second year anniversary, and Shinji Ohmaki’s Tree of Life (2013) for the third year anniversary, on the verge of the fourth year anniversary, Mind Set Art Center is turning its scan from the Northeastern Asia to the Southeastern Asia. We have selected two young Filipino artists, Victor Balanon(1972-) and Patricia Eustaquio(1977-), and offered their first solo exhibitions in Taiwan as an anniversary gift for our audience. The celebration began with Balanon’s The Nameless Hundred (2014), which was filled with a sense of utopian longings, and ended with Eustaquio’s Figure Babel (2014), which responded the thinking of visual unity in artistic creation. Intermittently, there were two movie screenings that were closely related to Balanon’s art, and one artist talk by Eustaquio as well as two talks on contemporary art scene and market of Southeast Asia by Mind Set Art Center and the founders of Silverlens Gallery in Manila.

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