Jhong Jiang-Ze 2003-2015

JHONG Jiang-Ze, 2016.1
Publisher: 安卓藝術

Dimensions: 26 x 18.5

Pages: 192

We are immensely pleased to publish Jiang-Ze’s first album : Jhong Jiang-Ze 2003-2015, right after the 5th anniversary of MSAC. This is also the fourth album that MSAC has steadfastly organized for Taiwanese artists. The book includes a selection of Jhong’s works since 2003 under five sections based on creative themes. It also covers his two exhibitions at MSAC in 2014, Theatre of the Absurd and Wall of Muses, displaying his maturing and transformation from being a student artist to a professional one. In the time-sensitive and site-specific project, Wall of Muses, Jiang-Ze has expanded artistic creation and the viewing of art out of the painting frames, allowing clues and connections of artistic inspiration to subtly take up the entire site-specific project. This approach has further accentuated his thinking and execution of artistic creation, which has been like in a trance.

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