Marina Cruz: Material Maternal

Marina Cruz, 2018.02
Publisher: Mind Set Art Center.

Dimensions: 29.7(H)x21(W) cm

Pages: 88

Mind Set Art Center is proud to present Filipino artist Marina Cruz's third solo exhibition in Taiwan—Material Maternal—and publish a catalogue of her selected works from 2015 to 2017. Cruz's creations revolve around the memory and history of her family. Her earlier exhibition In the House of Memory had been inspired by the family old house, old things and photos left behind by her family, while the more recent shows, Wear and Tear and Material Maternal, are more closely knit to the fabric scenery itself. The creative evolution of Cruz sees her probing into the stories of personal life and family memories, seeping down to the varying looks of the linings and textures weathered through time, to the local views and presentation of the clothing's details reconnecting with the person who once wore it, becoming at one. From people to objects, then from objects to people, this series is akin to her "family portraits".

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