Juin Shieh 1997-2012

謝鴻均, 2012.10
Publisher: Mind Set Art Center


Mind Set Art Center is proud to present From Single to DualFrom Dual to Single,the important solo exhibition of Juin Shieh, one of the Taiwanese artists of the middle generation, and to publish her spectacular array of works in the past fifteen years, providing a panoramic view of Shiehs career, in which the artist has focused on the long-term creation of paintings. The title of the exhibition comes from two paintings Shieh created in 1997—“From Single to Dualand From Dual to Single.Through these magnificent works of one and a half decade, we hope to more insightfully introduce to the viewers the artists exploration of life embodied in her paintings, especially her insights on the roles of women in life as well as her interpretation of the reproduction of the self-consciousnessthe concept of one splitting into two and reemerging as one. It is a cognitive process of departing from the single mindset that centers on the artist and venturing into the research realm of the dual dialectic, and returning from the dual mindset to the single maternal subject through artistic creation.

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