Objects Must Be Comfortable: A Solo Exhibition of Ana Maria Micu

29 June - 19 August 2021

“Objects Must Be Comfortable”, a new body of works by the Romanian artist Ana Maria Micu is Micu’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. It combines older paintings with new works and mediums, including digital drawings printed as serigraphy series and an animation in collaboration with Alexandra and Radu Constantinescu. In response to the recent discussion on the application of blockchain technology in the art sector, Micu will launch moving images affiliated with the animation, The Easy Way to Heal Yourself ,as her first Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

In this exhibition, Micu continues to keep her body alert and open to the natural order of the world. She laboriously documents the creation process and chews over the relationship one develops with the immediate surroundings. In addition to wall-bounded paintings, the artist has experienced different mediums to correlate with the various situations caused by the pandemic. She delivers two digital observational drawings; meanwhile, insisting on documenting the drawing process in a convoluted manner, Micu gathers visual materials for a stop-motion animation and invites two other artists, Alexandra and Radu Constantinescu, to contribute with a concept of their own. The collaborative short film creates an entry point into Micu’s over-individualistic world. In solitude, Micu’s interest in ergonomic practices eventually ends up shifting towards animism. If objects gain conscious life, they would require us to make sure they sit comfortably at all times. What is wobbly, should be somehow supported. Things that scratch each other should be cushioned. What is hanged, should be secured for a larger weight. Fabric creases can be caressed and smoothen. The rules are dictated by the blindness of selfhood and the disentanglements of practicality. Once implemented, they generate an aesthetic.

 As Micu wrote in the artist statement: “For the art practitioner, nothing is more stringent than the dilemma of how comfortable your model truly is. In this respect, when engaged with observing life, the shy, considerate, and inquisitive artist refrains from looking at anything else except within.”, in front of peers.” ... This person has. emanates the warmth of vitality and soul despite the depiction of a seemingly random and ordinary scene.In her charcoal drawing, silence and noise in your own ... The result is, the artist compressed and compiled the image documentations of her diligent labor, signifying the intimate interactions between her and her model in an exquisite narrative. The similar gaze and harmony with the surroundings are advanced into divergent interpretations in the animation Acqua Alta and the digital drawings Inner Complexity ... In order to reduce.  The environment Micu’s body relentlessly explores intertwines and connects to every object in her life as well as her works, and mutual respect ensures the most comfortable state. Every object inhabits her studio, living room, and creation process as if a living organism breathes and thrives naturally.