Rao Fu (China / Germany) was born 1978 in Beijing, P.R. China and lives and works in Dresden and Leipzig, Germany. His works explore the differences and similarities of Western and Eastern culture; “Chimerica” tries to create a new concept of humanity, the chimera (a term used to describe the symbiotic relationship between China and the United States of America) . The colorful paintings, most on paper, show vague conflicts and internal tension between and inside the protagonists. One essential focus in Rao Fu’s fantasy landscapes is nature, and its exploitation through mankind. Their relationship is characterized by destruction and redevelopment, an endless cycle.


The relationship and status among the figures in Rao Fu's paintings reflect his personal interaction with them. Each frame comes from a memory fragment or the experience for a certain period of time, his feelings upon it, and his thoughts on the present and social phenomena. All drive him to create, to visualize the emotions on this certain canvas. As the artist says: " I am honest and always want to infuse souls into each character or object while painting, so they would be alive in my story. That’s my never-ending journey."