Qin Yifeng China, b. 1961

Born 1961 in Qinghai, China and grew up in Shanghai, where he currently lives and works, Qin Yifeng’s art departs from basic visual elements and develops into rational yet profuse and complex abstract imagery. His ongoing series of Line Field initiated around 1992 is deeply intertwined with the artist’s aesthetic accomplishments in the fields of Chinese calligraphy and Ming Dynasty style furniture. Works of Line Field from the early stage were often rich in color and contained a cube as an intermediary through which illusion and space is dissected. Later, Qin left out the cube and continued his aesthetic journey with only lines of various brushworks and a more restrained palette, displaying his thoughts on forms, space, illusion and frames of mind. Apart from painting and drawing, photography is another form of Qin’s art. He also collects and studies Ming-style furniture of hardwood.