LIN Chuan-Chu Taiwan, b. 1963

Lin Chuan-Chu was born in Wanli, New Taipei in 1963. He received his B.F.A. in Chinese painting from Chinese Cultural University in Taipei, and attended M. A. program in Art History at Fine Arts Academy of China, Beijing. In 2000, he received his M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from the Goddard College in Vermont, U.S.A. He taught at Tunghai University as an Assistant Professor. In 2008, he moved back to his hometown and started to immerse himself in nature and creation.

Switching identities between a literato and a farmer, LIN Chuan-Chu is regarded as the distinct artist in Taiwan contemporary art scene.Through the various media from painting, land art projects, performance, animation to writing, he found a complex yet complete interdisciplinary art inwardness to inquire into the nature of the flow within existence.

Composed of nature, farming, literati culture as well as awareness of Buddhism, his creations constructed “A Man’s History” which is a complicated, authentic and separated being, attempting to unearth the shared themes lying in his family and the whole society at the time. His signature artwork “Landscape Journal” was selected for the top exhibition in 2007 by the Yearbook of Artist Magazine 40th anniversary.