Art Düsseldorf 2018: Marina Cruz , Ana Maria Micu ,Rao Fu ,Shi Jinsong

Areal Böhler,德國, 16 - 18 November 2018
Booth C14 預展|2018年11月15日12:00 | 展期|2018年11月16-18日

Mind Set Art Center is delighted to present a group exhibition, featuring the latest work of Marina Cruz, Rao Fu, Ana Maria Micu and Shi Jinsong at the second edition of Art Düsseldorf, 2018. The art fair will open on 16 November to 18 at Areal Böhler, Germany.

The work of Micu and Cruz reflects their intricate observation of their surroundings. The work of Micu is based on immediate photography. With unassuming yet delicate depiction of the living space, Micu is aiming to find the greater meaning that lies in the depth of daily mechanics. As in Cruz’s work, she continues the theme of “home” and tells her family stories with the textile full of memories. Tracing the texture of the fabric and the canvas with her brush, Cruz has knitted a web that ties the memories of the women of three generations together. With realistic approach, both Micu and Cruz have delicately presented women’s living spaces and led viewers into the humanity and emotions that are deeply embedded in daily objects and spaces.

Compared to the exquisite inward gazing of these female artists, Rao Fu and Shi Jinsong are more leaning toward breaking with tradition. Inherited traditional Chinese ink painting, Fu combines his fascination toward German Romanticism and presents the Armageddon-like scene of his dreams and mind. Utilizing deconstructed method of breaking the past, Shi challenges the traditional cultural system from the perspective of a creative individual. In Patchwork Map- Practice of Grammar, Shi uses the trace of daily sundries to create a new system of writing to trigger further reflection towards the aesthetic forms and the traditional value.