Founded in Taipei in 2010, Mind Set Art Center (MSAC) is a contemporary art platform exhibiting and promoting works by Taiwanese, Asian and international artists. It is dedicated to creative programmes and collaborative projects with curators from different regions for the aim of cultural exchange. MSAC has exhibited Taiwanese artists in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Manila. Since 2017, it has started to introduce ambitious and well-received projects at Art Basel in Hong Kong⏤ SHI Jin-Hua’s “A 100km Walk”, LEE Ming-tse’s The Play of Taiwan Ranger and Japanese artist Shinji OHMAKI’s Liminal Air space-time. To improve the academic performance of its representing artists, MSAC initiated the collaboration with Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in 2019 and has delivered “Infinitrace by Rao FU”, “Rustle of Existence by Shinji OHMAKI” and “Tide Table by Marina CRUZ” so far.

MSAC currently works with more than 30 artists around the world and has organized numerous exhibits, including the solos of Taiwanese artists from different generations, such as LEE Ming-tse, SHI Jin-Hua, Juin SHIEH, TANG Jo-Hung, JHONG Jiang-Ze, and LIN Wei-Hsiang. Many exhibits are also marked as the foreign artists’s debuts in Taiwan. Since the gallery was built, it has been active in publising literature and completed nearly 40 publicatons, including exhibition catalogues and the artist albums of Shi Jin-Hua, Juin Shieh, Tang Jo-Hung, Shinji Ohmaki, Marina Cruz, and Ana Maria Micu.